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A to Z: Oeko-Tex

Eine Hand hält das Hangtag von Made in Green, die andere Hand scannt mit Handy den QR-Code.
Made In Green by Oeko-Tex: Verbraucher:innen können via QR-Code Informationen wir Herkunft über das Produkt erhalten.

The Oeko-Tex community was established in Zurich in 1992. Its aim is to verify the safety of textile and leather products and their production processes, via inspection and certification systems based on a range of standards, and to build up trust as a result. Oeko-Tex is an association of 18 independent research and testing institutes from Europe and Japan that are involved in the field of textile and leather ecology. These institutes work together to develop testing methods, threshold limits and criteria on which the Oeko-Tex community’s standards are based. Oeko-Tex also runs contact centres in over 60 countries. Products produced in line with non-toxic, eco-friendly and socially responsible principles are certified with independent certificates and product labels. Certification systems used by the Oeko-Tex community include the product label issued in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Made in Green by Oeko-Tex and Leather Standard by Oeko-Tex, plus workplace certifications based on STeP by Oeko-Tex (Sustainable Textile & Leather Production), chemical certification based on Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex and Detox to Zero by Oeko-Tex status reports.

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