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Out now: The Winter Edition of Green Knowledge

Cover der Winter Edition 2022 von Green Knowledge Magazin.

Hello, fashion lovers

For those of us who are genuinely passionate about sustainability, climate protection and human rights, it’s not always easy to take an optimistic view of the future. Despite this, we plough on. But why? What is it that drives us? I believe it’s hope and confidence in a better future. Because there are plenty of reasons to stay positive.

The good news

First off, the German Supply Chain Act will come into effect in 2023. You can find out how it will work and what the EU is planning in its proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (EU CSDD). And because we were keen to know how brands are preparing for this new legislation, we interviewed Oliver Hein, COO of the s.Oliver Group. We’re also shedding light on a whole host of sustainability initiatives that will pave the way for a greener future.

We also have plenty of good news on the sustainability front for the denim aficionados among you: Advance Denim are well on track to meeting their sustainability targets and Bossa is making great strides in its ‘Towards Zero’ waste mission. As for fabrics, there is a deluge of innovations making their way onto the market and into collections: the real game-changers include bio-based nylon or finishes and biodegradable down alternatives.

And last but by no means least, from January 2023, the fashion tradeshow carousel will finally start turning again. Get the lowdown on the line-up of new and existing shows in our special.

In sustainability we trust

It’s also important to give credit to the new generation of up-and-coming fashion designers who are taking a fresh look at things and for whom an eco and fair approach seems to be second nature. Never before have so many collections been shown by young designers with the spotlight firmly on upcycling, recycling and sustainable materials. Such as Patrick McDowell, for example, who has collaborated with Lenzing and produced key pieces using Tencel fibres for his show ‘Marie Antoinette goes to Liverpool’.

By now, it’s no secret that an all-round, holistic approach is the key to true sustainability. That’s why we’re also taking you into the city in this issue and showing you a few examples of what the urban hubs of the future could look like. Because even though it sometimes feels like we’re fighting a losing battle, we still believe in a sustainable future.

We don’t know what that future will look like, but we can try to play an active part in shaping it.

Cynthia Blasberg & team

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